Don’t leave your Speedlite at home

I almost always have a camera with me when I leave the house or studio but deciding what to take some days can be a tad challenging, will I need a 70-200 lens today? It only weighs 3lbs. Not a problem if you’re in a car but on a Vespa it’s a completely different story.

So the question I asked today was will I need my PocketWizards and Speedlite?  I’m so glad I tossed them in my bag at the last minute because I came across this unexpected surprise and couldn’t have taken these photos with out them (and it only weighs a quarter of a pound).

This old Chevy has seen better days Bible in the backseat pages blowing in the wind

2 thoughts on “Don’t leave your Speedlite at home

  1. I particularly like the top photo. It is more than just a picture. Makes me want to know the “rest of the story.”

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