Train Engines In Kansas City

I was on my way to the Kansas City airport to catch a flight back home to Portland today (sick as a dog I might add). As we made our why to the airport I was checking out all the train engines lined up below, I asked Jake if he would mind pulling over for a minute so I could take a couple photos.

I noticed some of the engineers seating around on their break so I walked over with camera and tripod in-hand and asked if it would be okay if I got a little closer and took some photos. I’m guessing this was the first time this had happened because they all looked at each other like I’d asked if I could take the thing for a spin…after about 30 seconds or so one of the guys stepped up and said “the company wouldn’t like it but go ahead…and don’t touch anything”. 10 minutes later we’re back in the car and on our way…thanks guys.

2008-06-30-kansas-city-train-2-HDR 2008-06-30-kansas-city-train-3-HDR

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