Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

I’ve lived in Portland Oregon for about 16 years now and have never made it down to Crater Lake in southern Oregon. Until now. What an amazing place, it’s so beautiful and peaceful.

We spent four days here camping, hiking, and taking photos. The panorama of Crater Lake (below) was taken in the early morning and is made up of seven photos merged together in Adobe Photoshop.

2009-08-23 - Crater Lake National Park-IMG_1940_1944_Panorama

Photos from the top of Wizard Island looking at one of the many dead trees surrounding the top of the cinder cone. Wizard Island, is a cinder cone that rises 764 feet (233 meters) above the lake and is surrounded by black volcanic lava blocks.  The hike to the top took about an hour and a half with all my camera gear but the view was breathtaking and worth all the pain.  After 30 minutes of taking photos it was time to head back down to meet the boat (you don’t want to miss one of only two boats that stop at Wizard Island to pick people up).

I won’t wait 16 years to go back…

2009-08-23 - Crater Lake National Park-IMG_1988 2009-08-24 - Crater Lake National Park-IMG_2161

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