Visiting Schmidmühlen

I’m lucky enough that I get to go back to Germany once a year to visit friends and family. Today’s trip was to Schmidmühlen to visit my Oma (grandmother). Schmidmühlen is a small village about 90km southeast of Nürnberg, it’s celebrating it’s 1000 year anniversary this year. This place hasn’t changed much over the years, I remember the Ludwig Sir building from when I was a kid…it looked just like it does in these photos. Sadly this may be the last year it will be left standing, the town is thinking of tearing it down to make room for something new…I guess everything must change at some point.

Photos below: Ludwig Sir old sign and the cross on top of the chapel at cemetery just before sunset.

Ludwig Sir in SchmidmühlenCross in Schmidmühlen

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