Red Light District

Okay what would a trip to Amsterdam be without a stop at the famous Red Light District (or a look…that’s what I meant, a look).

Red Light District Amsterdam Panorama


Yes prostitution is legal in Amsterdam but only in a certain area of the city.  The working ladies rent small rooms for the night, get all dressed up (in some sexy lingerie) and setup shop for the evening…I’m sure there’s a little more to it than that.  From what I understand prostitutes are not required to undergo any type of regular health checks, but brothel owners and room operators often require health certificates before employing or renting rooms to them.

“No Photos” stickers are everywhere…I did get bumped and my camera went off and snapped the picture below.  No really, it was an accident. But I had to keep the picture.

If you make it to Amsterdam go checkout this part of town and do a little window shopping.

Working girl in Amsterdam

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