In the middle of nowhere

This past weekend we loaded up our scooters with a change of clothing and some camera gear for a trip down to Eugene, about 150 miles south of Portland. The plan was to take only back roads and see what we’d come across. In the middle of nowhere I spotted these train engines parked so I pulled over to get a couple photos before moving on.

Parked trains in the middle of nowhere

I’ve taken quite a number of photos of trains in the past but this was the first time I could walk around one without someone yelling at me. It was alsovery tempting to start climbing on it to get a couple other photos from the top side, but I didn’t.

One of the other things we noticed was an unusual telephone booth made of concrete surrounded by some old tires. I guess these phones allow conductors to call into the dispatcher or something…this one was not in operating condition.

Telephone booth

Vespa's packed up and ready to roll

2 thoughts on “In the middle of nowhere

  1. Hey Arno! I love train shots – so much character in those old rusty engines. The one above is excellent. Never been out to Oregon, but I hear it’s beautiful. Need to make a trip soon.


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