Making a splash

Today’s project was to capture the splash right after an object was dropped into a wine glass.  Timing on this was going to be very tricky so I planned on using a Canon’s TC-80N3 remote controller attached to a Canon 40D to trigger the camera. The lens used a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS set to manual focus, focal length 135mm, with the camera at ISO of 100.  Two White Lightning x1600 lights, one with a large Octabox right behind and above the camera and the another directly above the glass (about four feet).  Both lights have a PocketWizard wireless triggering unit on them that works perfectly with the MiniTT1 by PocketWizard also (attached to the camera).

A black backdrop was setup and then a couple test shots later we’re ready to get started…I took a total of 20 photos with one hand on the remote and the other dropping a small object into the glass.  After working the timing out I finally started to get what I was looking for, here are some of the results.

Splashing blue drink

Splashing orange drink

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