Kansas City’s WWI Museum

If you make it to Kansas City, Missouri you should take the time to checkout the National World War I Museum and Liberty Memorial tower in downtown Kansas City. I didn’t make it over to the Museum until 4:00 in the afternoon and they close at 4:30. I knew I would need more than a half an hour to view the entire museum so after checking out the lobby and some of the displays I decided to walk around and take some photos of the Liberty Memorial tower…on my next trip I will make it a point to get there earlier.

Another great thing about the museum is that they allow cameras inside (with or without a flash), just no tripods.

Kansas City WWI Liberty Memorial Tower Kansas City WWI Liberty Memorial tower inscription

One thought on “Kansas City’s WWI Museum

  1. What an awesome picture! Wow….pretty breathtaking. I love how you caught so many different things in the picture. The monument, the placards that were rained upon…the clouds and how it adds this eerie mystery to the picture…darkness on one side and then the sky lightening up almost with a peek of blue sky that gives an air of hope to the picture. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!

    Truly makes you think of loss and hope that our country has been through.

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