Creating A Vintage Look

I wanted to take some photographs to give out to friends and family but wanted something a little different, something fun, not your ordinary couple portraits.  So after setting up the lights in the studio I set the camera up to take a sequence of shots (if you ever need to do this I would highly recommend getting Canon’s TC-80N3 Timer remote, compatible with most of the EOS bodies).

After taking the photos I wanted to create a “vintage look” to make them appear as if they were classic photos, like something taken in the 50’s. So after a quick review in Lightroom to see which photos I wanted to keep I dove into Photoshop. Accomplishing the look I wanted ended up being a little bit more complicated than I originally thought it would be.  After about an hour or so of experimenting I came up with a formula I was happy with. It would involve Photoshop and NIK Software Color Efex Pro & Sharpener Pro.

Steps to Creating A Vintage Look

1.     Check background make sure it was clean
2.     Run the image through Sharpener Pro
3.     Set the new sharper layer to opacity of 50%
4.     Run the image through Color Efex Pro > Cross Processing @ 71%, T01
5.     Then Color Efex Pro > Paper Toner @ 88%, #5
6.     Set the new paper toner layer to opacity of 50%
7.     One more time, Color Efex Pro > Tonal Contrast 10%, 10%, 10%, 10%
8.     Flatten and save

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