Participating in the 2011 Worldwide Photo Walk

This past weekend I participated in the 4th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk with over 28,000 other photographers. For those of you not familiar with this event basically you search for a walk near you, sign up for it and then show up ready to take some pictures & have fun. The event is open to all photographers from hobbyist to seasoned professional. The idea is to get together in a public place, walk around and shoot photos for a couple of hours…that’s it. Oh yeah, one last thing. It’s FREE!

Portland had three different events scheduled for Saturday October the 1st. I took the “distillery walk”. This was a rare opportunity to shoot inside three of Portland’s micro distilleries, Deco Distilling (now Eastside Distilling), New Deal Distilling and House Spirits Distillery. All of the distilleries are within 9 blocks of each other and we had about two and a half hours to shoot inside them. None of them could accommodate 35+ photographers at one time so we split up into three groups and headed out. In order not to overwhelm the small distilleries each of the groups would head to a different distillery and take photos for a half an hour then move on to the next stop, but if you liked one particular location you could stay there as long as you wanted.

This was the first time I’ve participated in the Worldwide Photo Walk event and it won’t be my last. I met some really nice people and had the opportunity to take photographs in three super cool places. What more can I say, it was a great experience and I’m glad I decided to join in.

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