72 Jumping Horses and 2 Chariots

I was at Jantzen Beach this morning and ended up taking a tiny detour over to snap a few photos of the carousel there. The carousel, which has 72 jumping horses and 2 chariots, was built in 1921 by the C.W. Parker Amusement Company from Leavenworth, Kansas.

After being in storage for three years in Long Beach, California it was crated and shipped up to Jantzen Beach Amusement Park in Portland, Oregon where it operated from 1928 to 1970. In 1972 after a two-year renovation the carousel was returned to service at the new Jantzen Beach Shopping Center which is located on the grounds formerly occupied by the park.

Jantzen Beach Shopping Center may not be the most popular place to shop in Portland but it’s the only one with an incredibly beautiful piece of history that you can ride.Jantzen Beach Carousel 4 Jantzen Beach Carousel 1 Jantzen Beach Carousel 2 Jantzen Beach Carousel 3

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