Color calibrating your monitors

As a graphic designer and photographer I want to insure that the colors I show my clients during development match what they see when the final product comes back from the printer or lab.

To do this I color calibrate my monitors every week.  I believe it is one of the most important things I do.

Color balance, contrast, brightness and back-lighting settings all factor into how an image is displayed and since no two monitors are alike regardless of brand or model it is important to calibrate all of them .  Even those of the same model can have noticeable differences.  After you calibrate your monitors your images should look the same on all of them and the prints you get back from the printer should look as you expect.

Calibrating your monitor should only take ten to fifteen minutes to complete (per monitor) and really should be done once a week. It’s something most people overlook or are not aware of but if you don’t want to explain why the print doesn’t match what you showed them it’s worth the fifteen minutes.

For more information on calibrating your displays checkout Datacolor, Pantone, x-Rite.

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