Eastman Kodak files for bankruptcy

Eastman Kodak files for bankruptcy. I have been reading about Kodak and their financial troubles for the past couple of years, yet it still came as a surprise when I read the news this morning about their filing. Kodak was once the dominant company in the photo film industry, it was the film everyone used. Times have changed and unfortunately Kodak didn’t, or it did but not soon enough.

Most people just don’t use film cameras any longer and that’s not likely to change. It seems a little ironic that after reading the news I pulled out my old SLR film camera and some rolls of film and photographed them with my Digital SLR camera…

0119-Rolls on Kodak Film-IMG_1773-Edit-Edit

0119-Rolls on Kodak Film-IMG_1763-Edit-Edit

One thought on “Eastman Kodak files for bankruptcy

  1. It is something isn’t it? It’s hard to imagine not having the golden film canisters around anymore. I love your photos. Someday you’ll be able to pull these out and say “This was taken the day Kodak died.”

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