Graffiti and Reflections in an Abandoned Building

One of my favorite things to photograph is graffiti art. It can have so much texture, color and style to it. I do believe it can be beautiful in the correct setting. When I set out to shoot inside this abandoned building my original thought was that I would try to capture the graffiti with some of the amazing clouds in the sky that night. Once I started walking around that all changed. I noticed all the incredible reflections coming from the water that had pooled around the floor which added yet another dimension. I was still able to capture the clouds but the reflections became my main focus.

2 thoughts on “Graffiti and Reflections in an Abandoned Building

  1. Arno, these are really fine photos. I think the reflections of the graffiti on the water add powerful surreal quality. Creates a strange sense of loneliness. Nicely done.

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