Revisiting the Carousel at Jantzen Beach

Back in October I wrote about taking photographs of the carousel at the Jantzen Beach Center. I recently went back to the carousel for a few more photos. This time my goal was to capture the beauty of the carousel in motion. The first step was to find a few places that had enough room for me to move around with my equipment. Next I needed to make sure I wasn’t going to be tossed from it once it started turning. I was told the top speed of the carousel was about ten miles per hour which doesn’t seem that fast until you’re trying to stand-up and take pictures.

This may be the last opportunity I have to photograph the carousel for some time. EDENS the owners of Jantzen Beach announced that the carousel would be closing for restoration on April 22, 2012.

Jantzen Beach Carousel 3 Jantzen Beach Carousel 1 Jantzen Beach Carousel 2

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