Deliver promotional and marketing materials

The folks over at Corazzo recently traveled to one of the largest conventions in Europe and spent days gathering catalogs, brochures and fliers from the vendors. When they were ready to return home they realized how much it all weighed and that it would cost way too much to ship it home. It also occurred to them that the same thing might be happening to their own printed material. (Although we doubt that:  the trifold glossy catalog looks amazing!)

They asked us to come up with a cost effective way to deliver Corazzo’s promotional and marketing materials; something clients would not be tempted to leave behind. Our solution:  a USB flash drive. They’re small, easy to pack, and very handy to have around.

Our next step is to redesign Corrazo’s catalog and marketing materials to be computer and tablet friendly.

0211-Corazzo USB Sticks-IMG_2489-Edit

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