Seattle Space Needle, a view from below

Like with every other trip I’ve ever taken to downtown Seattle I always feel the need to at the very least drive by and look at the Space Needle . This trip was no different. It was a gorgeous day with picturesque skies, incredible blue in the background and dramatic white clouds. A perfect day to get out of the car, wander around and take a few photos before continuing my trip back home to Portland.

Even though the Seattle Space Needle was built over 50 years ago it continues to be one of the major attractions in downtown Seattle. Rising over 600 feet from the ground it can be spotted from most parts of the city. Built for the 1962 World’s Fair the Space Needle has been treating visitors to an incredible 360-degree view of Seattle and the surrounding areas. I personally have never been up to the observation deck but one day I know I’ll make it up there. Until then, I will continue to photograph the Space Needle from ground level.

Seattle From Below Seattle Spaceneedle Seattle Spacennedle EMP Seattle Glass Spaceneedle

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