Reflecting on The EMP Museum

Right next to the Space Needle (which I wrote about in my previous post) is the EMP Museum. The organic architecture bends and twists around changing colors and reflecting the surroundings on its surface. The design of this place is simply mind-blowing. It is truly a unique building and should not be missed if you visit Seattle.

The EMP Museum opened in 2000 and is dedicated to the history of music. Inside you will see original handwritten lyrics by some of the giants in the music industry, rare instruments, an interactive area that allows visitors to test out their music skills, and so much more. If it has anything to do with music, it’s here.

After photographing the Space Needle I turned my focus to the EMP Museum. Immediately I was drawn to the reflection of the Space Needle and sky in the golden-purple mirror like surface of the building. The clouds continuous change as they move past was magical to watch. I wanted to capture the moment before it past. Before heading back to the car I walked around the building admiring it and wondering how someone could design something so astonishing…

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