Recreating the Quadrophenia Album Cover

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with +Brian Matiash from +onOne Software. At one point we started talking about photo editing, processing and the software I use to achieve the looks I want during editing. I admitted to Brian that I hadn’t tried onOne’s Perfect Effects and after enduring a few minutes of Brian’s friendly harassment, I agreed to give it a test run.

Quadrophenia by The Who is one of my all time favorite albums. I also love riding my Vespa GTS 250 Super. So it’s only fitting that I would want to attempt recreating the image on the album cover. Here was my opportunity to try out Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 by onOne Software.

Like most artists I like the challenge of learning new ways of accomplishing a desired effect or even better of stumbling on a new look that you I had never thought of before. I love evolving as an artist and I hope that never changes.

I want to thank +Brian Matiash for pushing me to try onOne’s Perfect Effects. It ultimately gave me this image that I’m delighted to share and a new set of tools I’m excited to use on future projects.

The process of recreating the cover art
The photo was taken in my driveway using a Canon 5D MarkII with the 24-70mm f/2.8L USM. A grey muslin backdrop was set up with a couple of White Lightning™ X1600 strobes, one with a small softbox and the other with a large 47 inch octabox attached to it.

The first step was to clone the backdrop removing the houses, fence and light in Photoshop. Using onOne’s Perfect Effects I stripped out the color with B&W – High-Key. Next I added a bit of texture to the image with Perfect Effects Texture – Black Leather, then went back into Photoshop for some more cleanup. I changed the license plate number to match the original artwork, drew the WHO icon on the back of the jacket, and changed the reflection image in the mirror. I went back to Perfect Effects to add a bit of vignette using Perfect Effects/Vintage Lomo-Soft and then into Lightroom to make some final adjustments adding a slight more vignette and bumping up the clarity and contrast.

Quadrophenia Album Cover 0719 Quadrophenia Album Cover Before Quadrophenia Album Cover Quadrophenia Album Cover

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3 thoughts on “Recreating the Quadrophenia Album Cover

  1. You freaking rock, +Arno Jenkins! Thanks so much for sharing the backstory and the processing path. And I'm so happy that you're enjoying the Suite. The best is yet to come.

    I look forward to seeing you again soon so that I can poke your shoulder…. just to make sure it has fully healed. Miss you, dude!

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