The dense fog has returned

The dense fog has returned to Portland making it irresistible to get out early and capture the beauty. Autumn in the northwest is my favorite season and for good reason, it’s simply beautiful here this time of year. There are so many colors & textures to enjoy, it’s a photographer’s paradise.

When I noticed the dense fog I remembered the alley I walked past a couple of weeks ago and wondered how it looked with the fog. I hoped it would stick around long enough for me to get down there and take a few photos. I grabbed my camera and tripod and hit the road. The fog held and when I arrived, the atmosphere was amazing.

Processing the images

Processing the images was pretty straightforward. I merged the nine bracketed exposures with Photomatix’s Merge to 32-bit HDR Plug-in for Lightroom. Next I brought the image into Perfect Effects by onOne Software using the Autumn, Havana, Urban Sickness, and Sunglow effects to give me the stylization I was after. The final touches were applied in Lightroom.

Shot with Canon 5d Mark II and the Canon 40mm STM lens

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