What’s behind the wall?

Where does that ladder take you? What’s behind the wall? Those questions peaked my imagination immediately. I wanted to see what hidden treasures were behind the thick concrete wall in front of me. Unfortunately I have limited use of my right shoulder at the moment and didn’t think it would be wise to make the 15 foot climb. My curiosity had to go unanswered.

Surrounding the ladder to the unknown were wonderful textures and shapes that just enhanced the mystery of this place. These would be my subject for this photo.

Image Processing
The photo contains two exposures I blended together using Perfect Layers by +onOne Software. Once I finished blending them I stylized the image using a combination of filters and masks (Texture Booster, High Pass Sharpen, Fall Enhancer, High-Key, Day for Night, and Graduated ND). I had the look I was after. I then added finishing touches with Big Softy Blur and Lighter filters.

1012-Satsop Nuclear Facility-IMG_2035-Edit

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