6 thoughts on “Editing Help-Portrait Images

  1. Sorry to hear that Arno – I would have preferred to be there, but it sounded like the group in Corvallis was really short on people so that's why I went down.  It turned out not to be the case, they had 4 people doing post processing and three photo stations.  Next year I'll be back in Portland.

  2. Yep, it was a madhouse in PDX, and that's with only just over half of the families showing up (I think I remember 57 families, out of the 100 that were scheduled). The family group of 11 didn't help either – everything ground to a halt while handling that group because of the lighting.

  3. The front end ran fairly smoothly (I manned the check in area or the front area to direct folks to check-in for 8 hours), but there were 5 photographers and 4 post-processors to start with, then we went down to 4 photographers and 2 post-processors. I tried to stay out of the waiting area…  🙂

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