lottadjossou Paris

Paris has some great little shops and lots of artists if you know where to find them or just stumble upon them while exploring the little neighborhood streets. While wandering not far from our apartment we came across this lovely little jewelry shop called lottadjossou Paris where the designer Clément Djossou creates his designs. His designs are based on nature, art and architecture of Paris in the Art Déco and Art Nouveau styles. He sculpts in silver, gold, plated brass and sets some pieces with precious stones. Made in his studio in the Marais, lottasjossou paris jewelery is sometimes assembled in front of the customers and can be customized on demand. His jewelry was very eclectic and fun and Marita couldn’t resist picking up this pistol necklace. Everyone there was very helpful and friendly. He also let us watch and photograph him while he worked on his new collection that he was crafting out of old copper roof tiles.


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