The Rolling Hills of Siena

I’m banished to the house this weekend with a nasty headache so I started going back thru all of the photos I took during our recent trip to Europe. This photo was taken on our way back from a day trip to Siena in Tuscany. We had a hard time leaving, but had to be on our way before it got dark and started to rain so we could make it back to Spoleto. Since we really felt like we hadn’t seen enough of Tuscany yet, we turned off the main road and headed down a random back road and this is what we found. The rolling green hills, the winding empty roads and the beautiful open sky really does exist there. This image is so soothing to my aching head and I’m ready to go back.

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0605-Tuscany Hills-0001 0605-Tuscany Hills-0003 0605-Tuscany Hills-0002

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