Dreamy Aspen Grove

For me one of the more challenging things to photograph has always been a group of trees in the forest. When I’m standing there visualizing my shot the scale and beauty of my surrounding seems almost impossible to capture with a camera. My senses are overwhelmed. The phrase “Can’t see the forest from the trees” comes to mind.

Most of the time when I transfer the images to my computer they’re not as exciting as I remember the place being. The scale, beauty, and mystery are all lost. But every once in a while the photo is better than I remember the actual place being. These are the moments I live for.

Dreamy Aspen Grove available in print at shop.arnojenkins.com.
Forest Of Aspen Trees In Colorado available in print at shop.arnojenkins.com.

Dreamy Aspen Grove

Forest Of Aspen Trees In Colorado

Taken with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and 10-22mm f/4 by FujiFilm. Processed in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 by onOne Software.

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