Endless Rolls

0828-Streamboat Springs-DSCF7719-21-HDR

While traveling down a country road recently I came across a seemingly endless run of huge rolls of hay strewn throughout one fenced acreage after another. I pulled to the side of the road to scope out the best vantage points for shooting but everywhere I looked I found I would have to cross a fence or barrier of some kind and it got me to thinking. One of the problems I constantly run into in the U.S. is that every place I want to shoot is surrounded by barbed wire and strung with “No Trespassing” signs warning me away. This was something I rarely saw on my recent trip to Europe. I recognize that not everyone who stops along the road just wants to take a few photos but I find it sad that you have to “break the law” in order to capture a beautiful scene or unique moment. This time I decided to take the risk. I walked around the fence, past the sign, set up my tripod and got to work.

Yeah, I know. I am such a rebel.

0828-Streamboat Springs-DSCF7724-26-HDR 0827-Streamboat Springs-DSCF7611_HDR

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