The Boulevard of Forgotten Photography Equipment

Today we spent the day exploring the area around our apartment. We ended up walking down the Boulevard Beaumarchais and found that instead of being in Paris, we had somehow been transported to “the Boulevard of Forgotten Photography equipment” the place where all cameras go to be re-invigorated. No kidding, there were probably at least 10 camera stores with new and vintage cameras within a 3 block stretch. This particular window was especially popular. Oh, and did I mention that this same place was also the “Boulevard of all things Scooter”? Vespas, Piaggios, Peugot, Kymco, Suzuki and SYM. Yes, as you can imagine, I had somehow wandered into Arno heaven. – This one goes out to my photography pals out there.

Vintage Camera Shop available in print at

 Geekin out at the camera store

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