St James's Park - London, England

My Journey into Infrared Photography

For the past couple of years, I have been considering converting my Fujifilm X-T1 to an infrared camera. I like the look of infrared images and the creative process of this type of photography is completely different. It forces you to think outside the box. Converting involves opening up the camera and removing the hot…

Sunset In Zagreb, Croatia

Visiting Zagreb, the capital of Croatia

We recently spent 3 weeks exploring the beautiful country of Croatia. We visited some of the well-known places, like the city of Dubrovnik and the coastal town of Rovinj, but one of my favorite stops was the city of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It’s a much less visited city by most tourists since it’s…

Getting Gear Packed For Travel


Before taking an extended seven-week trip traveling around Europe I struggled with what camera gear I wanted to travel with. The dilemma of choosing between the flexibility of zoom lenses vs the weight of the smaller prime lenses was overwhelming. The one thing I knew was that on this trip I wanted to travel light….

Bike Rider In Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina

On a recent trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, we set out to visit the southern historic city of Mostar. As we drove on the M6 highway through the mountains there were very few cars on road. There were vineyards and little roadside stands selling garlic, herbs, honey, and wine, as well as many lonely damaged…

Boat on Thu Bồn River in Hội An at Sunrise


Shot with the Fujifilm X-T2, XF10-24mm F4 R OIS, and the Lee Big Stopper Finding the beauty in Vietnam is not too difficult, it’s just a matter of getting out and looking around. It’s everywhere. As we explored the town of Hội An in the early morning I was struck by the silence and calmness of the…

Dragon raising ceremony in Kowloon Park

When I travel to an unfamiliar location I like to take some time to just explore it with no agenda, no real destination, and no time restrictions. I just walk around with my camera and see where I end up. It’s the unexpected surprises when traveling that I truly enjoy. One such encounter was the…

5 Things I Do Before Publishing An Image

You’ve captured that perfect moment and you’re excited to share it. We’ve all been there, but I want to make sure that my images are protected from theft and within my control. Before I publish a photo I try to follow the same workflow to help me keep track of the images, the published date,…

Autumn Is Here

This image was inspired by the beautiful motion and vibrant colors of the falling leaves in autumn. The equipment used to create this image was the Fujifilm X-T1 camera body with the XF16mm f/1.4 lens attached, a tripod, an iPhone attached to the flash hot shoe and the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle & Connection Cable Kit….

Avalanche Creek In Glacier National Park

With all of the wildfires here at Glacier National Park the skies have been extremely hazy. We thought the day was going to be a complete bust but before exiting the park we made one last stop at Avalanche Creek and hiked to the falls where we were pleasantly rewarded with this incredible view.