Autumn Is Here

This image was inspired by the beautiful motion and vibrant colors of the falling leaves in autumn.

The equipment used to create this image was the Fujifilm X-T1 camera body with the XF16mm f/1.4 lens attached, a tripod, an iPhone attached to the flash hot shoe and the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle & Connection Cable Kit. After framing up the scene I placed one leaf on a wire, focused on it and took the photo to be used as my base image. Without moving the camera or changing any of the settings on the camera I set the Triggertrap software to capture motion and started blowing leaves around the camera.

The eight images were brought into Photoshop as layers where the parts I didn’t want in the image were masked out.  To style the photo, the layers were merged and then taken in to ON1 Photo 10 where the following filters were applied: Sunshine, Color Enhancer, Vintage, Motion Blur, and Dynamic Contrast. Lastly, some image clean-up and a bit of saturation were added in Photoshop.

Camera settings: ISO 200, exposure 1/300 sec @ f/2.0 with the exposure bias set to – 1 EV

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