Dragon raising ceremony in Kowloon Park

Published 2016 03/28/16

When I travel to an unfamiliar location I like to take some time to just explore it with no agenda, no real destination, and no time restrictions. I just walk around with my camera and see where I end up. It’s the unexpected surprises when traveling that I truly enjoy. One such encounter was the celebration in Kowloon Park that I was lucky enough to stumble upon.

I had just finished checking out a couple of vintage camera shops in the Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) neighborhood and realized that Kowloon Park was right down the street so I headed that direction. If there was no activity at the park I could always stop at a coffee shop, have an espresso and do some street photography.

Once I was near the park I could hear the pounding of drums and people cheering, so that was the area I focused on. I made my way up to the front of the crowd just in time to see the beginning of the dragon raising ceremony. I found the motion of the dragons’ spectacular and the experience was intensified by the beating of the drums in sync to the dance. This is the type of experience I hope for when I head out to explore a new place. It’s moments like this that I take home.

Published 2016 01/31/16 Published 2016 01/31/16

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